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HORA trance training is a clean method that shows results, can be tested and tried immediately with open eyes in regular clothes and shoes, while standing, sitting or moving. Such a union of calmness and actions, is an endless source of endurance for the person.

This union of calmness and actions cannot be taught only by books, videos, or lectures.  

A union of calmness and actions it is:

  1. Preservation of energy/resources

  2. Control of utilization of energy

  3. Continuous increase of resource capacity

Calmness is the ability to retain and accumulate resources/energy that can be used in your social environment while studying, working, or competing in sports.  On the other hand, relaxation is a loss of energy that takes away productivity and vitality.  

To understand deeper the meaning of training “union of calmness and action” it is important to understand mobilization and its different types.  Practice HORA introduces a completely different concept of mobilization through training of Meditative Mobilization and Evolutionary Meditative Mobilization.  Below is a brief overview of this new subject.

Types of Mobilizations

1. Animal Like Natural Mobilization State

The animal-like mobilization requires all resources and effort to stay in this state of readiness. Animals mobilize to hunt or to defend. And have to replenish their inner resources, so that they can mobilize again for the new hunt or defense. This animal-like state of readiness in the human is always followed by exhaustion, tiredness, weakness, and less rational decisions.-  Scientists call this a fight-or-flight response/state. (Most of individuals experienced this state in their lifetime).

All objects, big or small (planets, humans, animals, insects, atom, etc), use and save itself with this power of mobilization. By doing so, they expand its energy in order to persevere, to exist. In other words, they mobilize (to survive), expend the energy of mobilization, and then search/hunt again for replenishment options, so they can mobilize again under pressure from life. Mobilization is where humans, or any other animal, are in a state of readiness from the start to the end of the action. It is the  point where decisions are made, and where the power slips away. Ability to regulate mobilized attention is nature’s parameter of evolutionary selection – the best/worst, successful/unsuccessful, effective/inefficient, adaptable/rigid.

Mobilization takes place in both physical activity and intellectual activity.  This can be confirmed by corporate executives, entrepreneurs, scientist, and students.  Intellectual activity/decisions/analysis requires mobilization of body, mind and nervous system.

At the moment of feeling of a threat (not a threat yet), all animals without exception (land, water, air) including the human, tighten (contract) and squat (crouch) in order to leap (dart, shoot out). They mobilize.

Not all people can do it. Most people, instead of getting themselves into an instant mobilization state, fall into a freeze zone. (i.e. brain freeze, body freeze) It is some kind of, inner off switch.

Practice HORA trains inner trance-pliability, with it person does not freeze from pressure.  

2. Meditative Mobilization™

Meditative Mobilization is a type of training whereby the trainee’s concentration of attention is deepened through narrowing the focus of consciousness to produce the maximum effectiveness. This training increases mobilization activity in the person’s body while maintaining open eyes and being engaged in various activities. If you are in business, Meditative Mobilization will help person keep their thoughts focused on the task for an extended period of time at the maximum level of effectiveness, with a completely different burnout rate of your “intellectual muscles.”

If you are in sports, Meditative Mobilization will help you compete at a completely different and more sustainable burnout rate, and to concentrate the entire body on the goal of throwing, jumping, running, etc. Before taking action, all athletes lower their center of gravity and relax to a maximum point where they are still in control, nearly to the loss of consciousness, in order to dash quickly, explode with power. As you can see, in sports as in business, all key parameters of animal success are used to the maximum effect.

All athletes know that if they overstay in the starting position/mobilization, they begin to simply "burn out," and forces quickly abandoning them. Then nervousness, a hysteria, comes immediately afterward. Sometimes it appears as "shaking." It can even result in a breakdown – apathy, indifference.

3. Evolutionary Meditative Mobilization™

Eventually, from the small, primitive organisms a more complicated species – the human – arose, and he can learn to focus on his own self. On what one direct one’s energy/attention it is that what will feed him. What one is spending one’s energy for, that energy is what will be feeding him/her back. (Mutual-submergence, transformation, trance)

A human has the ability to learn how to mobilize differently by activating his/her evolutionary meditative mobilization center. Mobilization in calmness.  Evolutionary Meditative Mobilization is a different type of interconnection between mind, body, and nervous system. This is an incredibly creative and self-replicating force. For such a force to self-replicate, you must be the one who is focused on it. (You).

Different type of breathing

Mobilization is a simultaneous concentration of attention within the gravitational center. Every person has a body position in which his/her perception is at the highest point. The person is mobilized when a different type of breathing (not a common one) is activated. (The type of breathing that is in control of inner-calmness on its own). This is the type of breathing where the person is breathing with the entire body. This learned at the Practice HORA Basic level. Such a person is in a state of readiness, but without burning out. His/her inner resources are in controlled state; they are in the state of the readily available inner-reserve.

The word mobilization may sound simple and wild, and not as smart as Dzen, Chi, or Dhan’. However, Mobilization is a property of nature. It is everywhere as the primal quality of this world for all living and nonliving things.  

Evolutionary Meditative Mobilization™ has direct relationship to Trance-mobilization™, Trance-gravitation mobilization, and Trance-calmness.


The word trance may also sound not as smart or refined as meditation. However, trance is a property of universal nature. It is everywhere as the primal quality of this world. In our society mediation is associated with static pose and closed eyes, self-suggestion, and self-visualization. Trance is not the same as meditation. Trance saturates all cells from top to bottom from the smallest organ to the biggest organ.

Training of trance can help a person to operate in ever-increasing speed of life, resist tension and stress, and increase volume of information, and at the same time increase an individual’s pliability for new learnings and opportunities.  

We are not talking about shamanic trance — the uncontrollable, induced, unconscious and exhausting  trance. Look at the pictures and their expressions on the phases of the young individuals training HORA-TRACK, bright trance training, to understand the difference. (see below)

Trance —  it is a presence. Presence in evolutionary concentration. Trance by Practice HORA — it is an ability to be present in evolutionary concentration, correctly, and as a consequence to participate in progressive development of interconnections between brain, body and nervous system. In Practice HORA, trance exclusively presumes the evolutionary conscious development of the human as a humankind.

Trance-gravitation mobilization

Trance is inseparable from universal gravitation. Correct anchoring/support is inseparable from gravity. All living objects develop in the ocean of gravity. Practice HORA is not from the Eastern tradition of Zen, Yoga, and so on. It is based on traditions of trance and universal gravitational low.


Trance — means presence within any environment. Trance in Practice HORA — is an ability to be present in evolutionary inner concentration of attention, correctly. As consequence, this is a direct participation in progressive development of different type of interconnections between the brain, body, and nervous system. This is a controlled trance or correct evolutionary concentration of attention.

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